Last time I put out a new issue, I promised to be back again soon with another. This maybe wasn’t quite as back-to-back as I’d intended, but here we are with #105.

This issue was largely assembled alongside #104 – I pulled so much new content for that one that it turned out to be more than two issues’ worth – so this issue is a spiritual twin to that one.

A reminder that there’s also NEW MUSIC available via bandcamp – head over to Acoustic Ross Dot (as they say) Com for details. Live at San Quarantine (Volume 1) is out, and Volume 2 will be coming your way very soon on the heels of this new NFATB. Did you notice the previously unreleased tracks I posted straight to the website last year? They’re all still there too.

Two new issues in 2020, a living room concert for RSU Radio, a live EP with another to follow – this ridiculous year has at least been somewhat productive so far.

Stay safe wherever you are, and for Pete’s sake, wear a mask when you go out. Check out the new ish below and I’ll see you back here soonish.

News From Around the Bend is best read when printed double-sided on colored paper (we even leave gaps in the corners for the staple!), but you are welcome to print or read the whole issue right now any way you see fit.

Download it right here.
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