Month: April 2020

Suddenly, Without Warning: Issue 104.

It’s funny, last time I posted a new issue, I complained about how crappy the previous year was. I specifically used the phrase “not a good year around here.”

Well. That turned out to be a bit more evergreen than I intended.

But never mind that for now – we’re back with a brand-new issue! Issue 104 lands in the midst of a pandemic, which probably says something about the amount of free time I’ve had the last 6-8 weeks. In that time I’ve been working The Day Job, thankful to still have one, and have now knocked out a shut-in concert for a local college radio station (the one that astoundingly still keeps me in rotation after 18 freaking YEARS), and now a brand-new NFATB after more than a year away.

And I’ll tell you a little secret about both of those things.

A) There are more such live-from-my-office concert recordings coming soon.
2) When pulling items for this issue, I pulled WAAYYY too many.
iii) I’ve dug back into the archives past the current ‘relaunch’ era that started with #98 back in 2017.

#A) means you should keep an eye over at Acoustic Ross Dot (as they say) Com in the very near future.
#2) means I changed up my counting system in this list, but also that instead of having enough material for one issue, I’ve assembled two with some leftovers for a third. Issue #105 will not require a long wait at all.
#iii) means that I should have just done unnumbered bullet points, but also that you’ll start seeing older issues (anywhere from #1 thru #97) starting to show up here on the web in PDF form. With a few exceptions at the end of that part of the run – the ‘all-digital’ issues 95-97 – that’s going to require quite a bit of scanning and cleaning, but those will be coming here SOON too.

Anyway. That’s more than enough ado for now. Check out the new ish below and I’ll see you back here soonish.

News From Around the Bend is best read when printed double-sided on colored paper (we even leave gaps in the corners for the staple!), but you are welcome to print or read the whole issue right now any way you see fit.

Download it right here.
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Apocalypse of Ignorance

What a year March 2020 was. We’re back with a new issue in a few days. If I’d seen this fantastic Seth Tobocman comic from The Nib before making it, I probably would have included it. Click the pic for the whole thing. Shades of 1970s Ditko with a large dose of 2020 Reality.

While you’re there, poke around a bit – The Nib is fantastic, and right now you can grab two issues of the print version for FREE.

Stay tuned for a new NFATB issue this week! (Maybe even today!)